On the Issues

I want to listen to you...

The most important issue to me is what is important to you.  You can depend on me to hear your concerns and do my best to respond to you.  My life has been devoted to public service in my community.  I promise to work hard and be a responsive public servant to all the people I have the privilege to represent.  

Health Care

Ensuring that everyone in Chesterfield has access to health care services is one of my top priorities. As Delegate, I will fight tirelessly for Medicaid expansion so that every Virginian can get the health care they need, regardless how much money is in their pocket. I will work to provide solutions for problems facing our healthcare industry in a way that keeps patients healthy and medical facilities open. Health care should never have been a political issue, but as politicians in Washington and Richmond continue to play politics with the lives of the poor and middle class, it falls upon people like ourselves to stand for what’s right. 

I have devoted my life to public service in the mental health field, and will strive to support and advocate for progressive mental health and substance abuse services throughout the commonwealth.  If elected, as the only mental health professional in the House of Delegates, I would be uniquely qualified to craft appropriate legislation on this issue.  One in four people is directly affected by mental illness, so this is a widespread issue throughout Virginia.  I will support efforts to enable people suffering from a mental illness to recover and lead productive lives.  I have seen, first hand, the challenges mental illness poses for individuals and families, and the way persons suffering from addiction can impact the lives of those around them.  I will be at the vanguard advocating for enhanced prevention services, public education, and treatment resources for affected individuals and families.  

Public Safety

As a trainer for the Chesterfield police, fire/EMS and sheriff’s departments, I have worked closely with our dedicated county law enforcement and first responders for years.  Our fire and police professionals put their lives on the line for us, and need to be well compensated for the risks they take.   As a legislator, I would also like to see the innovative practices in Chesterfield – such as the mobile integrated community response team - emulated across the state. I have high regard for the services they provide, and will continue to support their outstanding work in this community.   


I am a passionate supporter of our public education system, and I believe investing in our children is the best way to prepare for a better future.  To recruit and retain excellent teachers, we need to pay them well.  To maintain high quality schools also involves allowing teachers to have much greater classroom autonomy, with less focus on SOL testing.  I fully support efforts to lower student/teacher ratios.  A strong public educational system attracts families to Chesterfield, ensures the future viability of our community, and helps to power our local economy with well-educated young people.   

Environment and Energy

I will work tirelessly to protect and preserve Virginia’s valuable natural resources.  I will advocate for initiatives that do not threaten our health, water or food supplies. Most importantly, I will fully support the development of innovative, sustainable and renewable energy and technology sources that will enable Virginia to move toward a better future.    


I have worked with people from all walks of life in my career as a public servant for Chesterfield County.  Whether they were living in poverty, caring for an aging family member with dementia, or supporting a family member living with an intellectual disability, I have seen and heard the issues that are important to these people.  This has strengthened my belief in equal treatment for all people, regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, or religious belief. Every resident of Chesterfield County is my neighbor and fellow citizen.  

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